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Data Analysis

Data can provide insights, predictions, and recommendations that can solve several business and technical challenges. We have expertise making sense out of data.  We focus on:

  • Mathematical Modelling

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Statistics and Probabilities

  • Business Intelligence and Visualization

Research and Development

Developing a life-cycle for the R&D process requires taking a scientific approach.  We provide solutions at all stages of: 

  • Planning

  • Data Collection

  • Data Processing and Cleaning

  • Data Analysis

  • Documentation

Signals and Systems

Devices are becoming more integrated in our daily lives.  We provide solutions that can capture and process the data collected from different sensors.  We have expertise in:

  • Signal and Image Processing

  • Analog and Digital Signals

  • Data from Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Magnetometers, Pressure, Hydration, Optics and Photonics Sensors

Documentation and Education

We provide know-how in paperwork documentation, as well as education, which includes:

  • Grant, SBIR and STTR Writting

  • Publications

  • Patent Applications

  • IRB

  • Lectures

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