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Analysis Consulting LLC

Analysis Consulting LLC was founded in Seattle, Washington. We believe that data provides answers to the most challenging business and technical problems. Our goal is to help our customers make better decisions by providing insight from their data, and building data solutions that address specific needs.


Our work is grounded in a collaborative approach that allows us to effectively integrate the best ideas from leading academic and industry experts. As a result, our clients receive thoughtful, pragmatic solutions to their most challenging business and technical problems. 

Roberto Reif, PhD
Founder and Director


Roberto is the Founder and Director at Analysis Consulting LLC. Roberto has dedicated his professional career analyzing data for large corporations, startups and academic institutions. Roberto founded Analysis Consulting LLC to offer his skills and innovative mind to a wide range of clients. He obtained a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, and is the author of several peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and patents.

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